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Our gorgeous advent calendars

Please forgive me for turning your thoughts to Christmas already, but as I’m now nearing the end of listing the everyday greetings cards I’ve been sorting through the Christmas stock in preparation for listing.

I was fortunate enough to buy a stock clearance of Flamingo Paperie advent calendars both in the closing down sale and from a former Flamingo partner.  I now have plenty of advents to manage my Christmas event bookings and to add to this shop.  In fact I have quite a few (I need to buy a second basket for them).

We’ve transferred all the packs of Christmas cards into one of the 64 litre tubs I have – yes they filled it!  I think it’s safe to say I have lots of stock available for you all, and the best bit is the card packs all support charity.

So, although adding the stock is still a work in progress (I’m determined to have it all done before September) we are all set to start posting out your orders.  I’m so excited to turn my dining table into a packing room!

Cari xx

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Slowly building bit by bit

I’ve built websites before.  I’m self taught, but with the help of my amazing hosting service and google, I manage the basics.

Adding the stock however is a slow and tedious process.  Very repetitive, but a job that needs to be done.  I’m tackling it one box at a time, but there are a lot of greetings cards!

For the last few days I’ve lost my mojo with it.  I thought I just needed a break, but today I just don’t want to get back into adding them.

Maybe a coffee will help.  Or maybe I will start tomorrow.

Cari xx