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Monthly markets are the way to go…

I’m thrilled that I’ve been offered a place at another popular monthly market. I really feel like this is the way for me to grow my greetings card business again, and I’m hopeful that this one and Crayke will be enough to keep me ticking over until the Christmas events start.

I will be sharing more details soon, but for now I wanted to share the market offer. If you visited Crayke market at the end of April you may have taken advantage of the 5 cards for £10 offer, which will also be available at this new market.

I have plenty of floral cards and birthday cards in stock, and will be buying new designs as soon as I can (I’m as keen as you are to see them!)

I have lots of the amazing craft kits in stock too. These contain everything you need to create a card 3D animal character including glue and scissors. I’ve made the sheep and flamingo, and my children have made the llama and unicorn head designs. They will keep you busy for a few hours and at the end you will have a lovely display piece!

I hope to meet you at a market soon!


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