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Shhh…I’ve got something new for you.

Well, it’s about time isn’t it? Getting my business going again has been tricky, in particular managing cash flow. If I’m honest, I overstretched myself when investing in reduced price stock from Flamingo, so I didn’t have funds to buy anything new. However when we started regular markets again as an independent greeting card store, I was hopeful we would be able to buy some new designs. It’s taken longer than I wanted but finally I have new greetings cards to show you.

I’m pleased with the new humour range and want to add to it soon, but first these need to fly out! There’s only six of each design available so I don’t expect to have them for long.

If humour isn’t really your thing, we also have some cute animal cards for birthdays and other occasions. The animal cards we had from Flamingo have been very popular, we only have a couple left. Although these aren’t quite a replacement for those, I’m hoping they come close! Let me know what you think.

I can’t choose between this cute chap and the highland cow. There are more designs in the range that I wasn’t able to get this time round so if they prove popular I will expand the range!.

As always, if there are any designs you would like me to try and find please comment below or get in touch via social media.

Cari xx

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