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Sheriff Hutton this weekend!

I’m counting down the days until summer break at my ‘day job’ in a local school. I only work part time which gives me plenty of hours to spend gardening and running my businesses.

It doesn’t feel like a month since we first attended Sheriff Hutton Village Market, and here we are, booked in for the next three, with the first being this Sunday. It’s a welcome distraction from what is a difficult Father’s Day for me, with losing dad earlier in the year. I have my foodie wish list ready (we always support the food producers at these markets) as well as a stock and equipment wish list for my business. Will we be as busy as we were last month? I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s a good day as the broccoli seedlings I have are desperate for a raised bed planter, plus as our joints are seizing up we really need this trolley to transport things.

If you haven’t been to Sheriff Hutton market before, it’s well worth a visit. This time they have a wide range of local small businesses attending, including alcohol, baked goods, meats, Homewares, clothing and many more. You can treat your dad to something special, including a bacon/sausage/egg butty from the cafe.

If you have other plans this Sunday, you can visit our stall at Crayke Market at the end of June.

Cari xx

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