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Easter crafts and our first market of 2024

A colleague recently asked me if I had any plans for Easter break.  Now my children are adults, I don’t have any need to think up fun ways to amuse them in a bid to save my sanity, so I thought about all the house management type jobs I have planned then responded with ‘no, not really’.

Of course that’s not strictly true, as I will be at Crayke Market over the two weeks off, but apart from that I will mostly be sorting the kitchen cupboards and getting rid of things we no longer need – oh, and relaxing as much as possible.

Duckling craft kit


If you are still looking for activities to do with your children, and the weather doesn’t cooperate, these cute craft kits might come in handy.  They come with everything you need to make the model and will keep older children (and adults) amused for hours.

Rabbit craft kit

I hope you do manage some days out in the sunshine too, as there will be lots of fun events happening in your area for Easter.  If you have any to share please reply with details below.