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Easter crafts and our first market of 2024

A colleague recently asked me if I had any plans for Easter break.  Now my children are adults, I don’t have any need to think up fun ways to amuse them in a bid to save my sanity, so I thought about all the house management type jobs I have planned then responded with ‘no, not really’.

Of course that’s not strictly true, as I will be at Crayke Market over the two weeks off, but apart from that I will mostly be sorting the kitchen cupboards and getting rid of things we no longer need – oh, and relaxing as much as possible.

Duckling craft kit


If you are still looking for activities to do with your children, and the weather doesn’t cooperate, these cute craft kits might come in handy.  They come with everything you need to make the model and will keep older children (and adults) amused for hours.

Rabbit craft kit

I hope you do manage some days out in the sunshine too, as there will be lots of fun events happening in your area for Easter.  If you have any to share please reply with details below.


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Finding the time

I remember back when my children were old enough to start school, how I wondered what I was going to do with all the ‘free time’ I would now have. It felt like the hours between 9 and 3 would go on forever and I would become something of a domestic goddess getting all the household chores completed with even time to pour into me too.

Of course, in reality the short span of time while they were in the care of school staff allowed me to get breakfast, do the weekly shop or a bit of work, have lunch and then head off to pick them up.

So now my degree is completed (bar the results/graduation) I find myself once again with ‘extra’ time available. However, with a large amount of stock to sort through, put on a spreadsheet and then individually list on my website time, as it did all those years ago, seems in short supply. The house feels full of tubs of stock and organising that around dog mum duties and my school job seems almost impossible.

I am making progress however, so you should start to see stock appearing soon. I know a few customers have already been in touch about how they can purchase from me and I do have events booked for this summer, plus my usual Christmas ones too. In the meantime I will keep working in the small pockets of time to get the shop side of this website built for you.

Cari xx

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Preparing for some big changes

If you follow me on social media, you will know by now that there are some changes happening soon. After ten years with Phoenix Trading and then Flamingo Paperie, the company are ceasing trading at the end of May.

Like many other partners, I’m devastated. I adore not just the cards but the whole company ethos, so I’ve stocked up as much as I can and will carry on selling while I still have stock.

I am looking for alternative suppliers, and will be setting up this website to retail what stock I have once my company provided website shuts down. I hope you will continue to support my small business in the meantime.