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Time to buy your advent calendars!

How did it get to the middle of October?

I guess it’s a sign of getting older that the years are flying past.  With only a couple of pay days before the festive period, now is the time to start thinking about advent calendars.

I stocked up on our advent calendar range before Flamingo Paperie closed it doors, then bought a bulk stock of them from another partner who was closing their business, but this stock won’t last much past 2024.  If you want a choice and prefer to avoid chocolate one use advent calendars, then have a look at the range of designs from Cari’s Cards.

I have advents with only slot in characters, advents with a combination of slot in and windows to open and smaller ones with only windows (which I currently need to add to the website).

If you prefer to shop in person we will only have them at Gisborough Hall on 12th November at the moment.  If you follow our sister business on social media you will see a free entry voucher.

My favourite advent calendar I think will be the first to sell out.  It’s already selling and features a selection of woodland animals in a lovely Christmas scene.

In addition we have a selection of advent calendar cards which will be added to my website soon.  They make an easy gift for sending to a loved one.


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Prepping for the next three months

I think autumn has to be my favourite season.  The air gets cooler, but not too cold, the trees begin to change colour, there are conkers to find and Christmas is on its way.

We have Christmas fairs booked but this year I’m concentrating on growing my online business.  I’m not getting any younger and attending a Christmas fair usually means a near 12 hour day working, not to mention all the prep the week before to make sure I don’t forget something.  It’s exhausting.  Our children help of course, they’ve grown up with us attending Christmas fairs (right from birth!) but I know this isn’t what they want to be doing.

I have piles of Christmas stock all waiting to be added to the shop.  I really need to push myself to get that done for you all, otherwise they will still be sat here this time next year.


Are you starting to prep for Christmas?  Let me know if you are, or if it’s still too early.



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Our gorgeous advent calendars

Please forgive me for turning your thoughts to Christmas already, but as I’m now nearing the end of listing the everyday greetings cards I’ve been sorting through the Christmas stock in preparation for listing.

I was fortunate enough to buy a stock clearance of Flamingo Paperie advent calendars both in the closing down sale and from a former Flamingo partner.  I now have plenty of advents to manage my Christmas event bookings and to add to this shop.  In fact I have quite a few (I need to buy a second basket for them).

We’ve transferred all the packs of Christmas cards into one of the 64 litre tubs I have – yes they filled it!  I think it’s safe to say I have lots of stock available for you all, and the best bit is the card packs all support charity.

So, although adding the stock is still a work in progress (I’m determined to have it all done before September) we are all set to start posting out your orders.  I’m so excited to turn my dining table into a packing room!

Cari xx